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Saluting our Mental Health Professionals

For this first time in over 20 years of practicing, I am going through the exact same things as all of my clients--a pandemic.  Not only that but the added bonus of horrible racial issues that are popping up that many of my clients are going though.  I remember a few weeks back, after the first weekend of the protests, the tone was "It's alot" in 95% of my sessions.  I completely agreed.  It was "alot" for all of us.

I was so thankful that I had the opportunity to vent with other collegues and get to my place of peace and strength so that I could be effective before my clients.  We found safe places to do that and I am so thankful.  

I remember receiving an emergency call from a client that suffered great lossES in the same week due to COVID-19 and I knew from the text message why she needed an emergency session.  Before I could see her, I had to straightened my buckling knees, cry, and reached out to my collegues that gathered around me and held me up so I could be strong for her.  

So I decided that I want to honor these men and women who had to find ways to care for themselves and concurrently care for those who needed more support. 

I also want to encourage you that Mental Health Matters and to reach out if you need help navigating though all of what is going on personally and in the world.



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